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Intervention Services

People sometimes engage in self-destructive behaviour, rejecting any assistance others may offer. Intervention, when done correctly, is extremely effective in helping these people accept help. We can help, together.

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" Linda was a savior when it came to holding an intervention to get my son into treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. She responded quickly to the emergency at hand and coordinated an effort of family and friends to be part of the Intervention process.


Even though my son was resistant to getting the treatment he needed, she was able to persuade him to accept “the gift of treatment” in a loving way with the help of his friends and family. It was not meant to be a punishing experience but rather a loving nudge to get him to accept the treatment and change the direction of his life.


Linda was professional and kind, but firm when she needed to be.


She accompanied me with my son to the treatment centre and took every effort to ensure our comfort in the transition to inpatient treatment. This has been one of the most difficult times in the life of our family. I know we could not have done this on our own. She made this necessary step happen and we are so thankful for her expertise and ongoing support. "